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Exclusive Sandal Cruise
Ever wanted to be your own captain? Well here is your chance.  Charter your own personal sailing vessel and cruise down the Nile as they did in the days of the pharoahs.

Discover the delights of visiting the the temple of Edfu dedicated to Horus the Falcon God and the island of Philae where the temple was moved stone by stone to a newly created island in order to save the monument from the rising waters caused by the newly constructed High Dam.  Visit the famous camel market at Darow where the camels have walked from sudan to be sold and the temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to the Crocodile god Sobek where you can see 3 mummified crocodiles in the temple grounds.  All this at a leisurely pace, taking in the magical spirit, meeting the local people and enjoying genuine Egyptian hospitality.
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This tour includes:-
Transfers to and from the boat.
Visits to major monuments and temples (depending on length of stay or chosen itinerary)
Full board (including soft drinks)

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